Monday, January 2, 2012


I have a workshop of my new play THE MORE BEYOND coming up with one of New York's hottest young companies: Exit Pursued by a Bear. If you haven't heard of EPBB yet, don't worry - it's the ultimate secret house party theatre - but definitely sign-up for their email list. (And check out their Times article.) Artistic Director Ed Sylvanus Iskandar (MFA CMU, NYTW fellow, etc.) has created a unique atmosphere for doing theatre by literally opening up his home as a creative gymnasium for rehearsal, exploration, and production. Ed's hospitality is infectious, the atmosphere is electric, and his cooking is fantastic. I'm looking forward to work with Greg Van Horn and the EPBB team on my new play.

Bonus: Look for Ed's direction in These Seven Sicknesses by Sean Graney at The Flea this winter.