Saturday, September 25, 2010


Sheila Callaghan’s Roadkill Confidential is a charged collision of two, three, or maybe infinitely more, worlds. From the first twitchity moments on stage, we know these characters are not what they seem, and we suspect they are not even what they think they are. The cast brings a Romper Room excitement to the chase, and Kip Fagan’s meticulously clear direction is delicious to watch. But the real treat is jungle gym of language on which they play. It is at once pipe-strong and improvisational, propulsive and obtuse, irreverent and heroic. Like the wine tasting scene, Callaghan perfectly supports the layers of this spicy delight with balanced notes that provide a full bodied, mysterious, and intoxicating potion.

(Clubbed Thumb presents Roadkill Confidential at 3 Legged Dog Theatre downtown in the Liberty Zone.)