Monday, August 22, 2011

The Amoralists: (No) Vacancy

This weekend I had the disembodied pleasure of spending some time in the Gershwyn Hotel on 27th Street to bear witness to The Amoralists' new pair of productions called Hotel Motel. These twin-bed shows both exemplify the essence of hotel - that displaced intimacy, that public space that houses private impulses - and the whole event leaves one aware of the great schism. The Amoralists excel at unrelenting acting and immersive interpretation; the shows probe and prod, at times uncomfortably and with the detachment of a physical exam. But we are in the hands of professionals. Derek Ahonen's "Pink Knees on Pale Skin" follows Innocence and Experience as they struggle to unite through sex therapy. And Adam Rapp's "Animal's and Plants" - a fever dream in a snow storm - is like whittling on a bone. Kudos to the teams and production for presenting this challenging work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pulling the Trigger

Why is it so terrifying for me to submit a play?

As a playwright I do a pretty good job of keeping up with submission calendars, web sites, etc., but when it comes time to actually pushing the "Submit" button (or "Send" or dropping something in the mail...) I procrastinate like nobody's business. I always thinks that one more read of that draft will make that little bit of difference. And spending that extra few hours will take the play I've been working on for years to the next level of apogee. I agonize over cover letters and letters of inquiry and statements of purpose and the like. (It is a particular level of Hell that playwrights must synopsize their life and / or work into one page or less.) And I'll print things out countless times if I find a typo or run on sentence. And then worry all night that I didn't find them all.