Monday, July 27, 2009

No Such Thing as Bad Press

The South Carolina weekly Columbia City Paper did an article about me in their most recent issue. We talked about writing and stuff, but I have to say I don't remember it happening exactly that...

Also, here's an article by the Southern arts aficionado Jeffrey Day on his blog Carolina Culture. He was interested in our Key West residency for my new play in development Homo apocalyptus, and kindly sandwiched us in between other local arts events.

Finally, here's the official news item from The Studios of Key West with more details about Homo apocalyptus and the reading coming up August 6.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm very pleased to announce that my play LOSING SLEEP will be produced in New York by the American Theatre of Actors next month as part of their Summer Directors Series. I'm looking forward to this production, and working with director Michael Bordwell.

Show opens August 26, 2009 at ATA - 314 W. 54th Street. For tickets, call (212) 581-3044.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PARADISE KEY Wins Playwriting Award!

OK, I'm really excited to announce that my full length play PARADISE KEY has been named the winner of the 2010 Trustus Theatre Playwrights Festival. This is a national competition for full length plays, that receives hundreds of entries each year. I knew I was a finalist a few weeks ago, and now I've been told I won! That means they will have a reading of the play this fall (August 15, 2009), I believe, and then a full production next fall.

Check back for dates, times, more info, and more jubilation!